Am I a good candidate for VABC?

You are considered as the right candidate for vaginal birth after a C-section if you are in any of the below mentioned criteria:

  • The pelvis is sufficiently enough to pass the baby out.
  • The previous C-section was a low-transverse uterine incision.
  • There is no history of past medical procedures performed near the uterus..
  • There is no history of rupture to the uterus..
  • There is no medical condition that is responsible for causing high risk pregnancy.

Vaginal birth is the natural way of delivering the baby, a woman who underwent a C-section in the previous issue of her baby can absolutely be the one to choose a natural way of child birth for the next issue. Vaginal birth after cesarean (VABC) is an option for every pregnant woman, unless and until they meet certain criteria. Although some of the hospitals do not offer the service. Reading below will make you understand on who are the right candidates for VABC and much more about it.

vaginal childbirth

Which factors make me contraindicated for VABC?

  • If you are pregnant in your old age beyond 35 years.
  • If you are obese or if you are carrying a baby with over weight (more than 4,000 grams).
  • If your pregnancy cross beyond 40 weeks of gestation period
  • If the gap between our previous pregnancy is 18 months or even less

Why is VABC performed?

Many of the women choose VABC for the following benefits: Shorter recovery time- A repeat C-section takes more time for recovery, conversely VABC is not a surgical procedure so you will not lose your energy and stamina like you do in surgical ways. Way to experience labor- Some woman are enthusiastic in experiencing their labor through vaginal delivery. Better for multiple pregnancies- If you are the one who is opting for multiple pregnancies then VABC might help you avoid the risks of multiple C-sections.

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