“Dr.Padma Priya is not only a doctor but also a great human with immense passionate, dedication and ambitious towards her profession. She is always attentive, responsive to ensure the best treatment is delivered to her patients be it in off hours or even in Holidays. You will be amazed to see her in hospital even at 3 am with same energy level and enthusiasm. Madam is perhaps one such doctor in Chennai metro who always put her best efforts for a normal delivery. You can keep away all your worries during the pregnancy period once you have been in the hands of Dr PPV. She is equipped with committed and friendly staffs to ensure a hassle free admission and other formalities during the hospitalization.”
- Anoop
“I vividly remember the 1st day when I went to her for consultation. She is very soft spoken and generates very positive vibes. Her consultation room is full of flowers, good wishes messages and card (which I think she thoroughly deserves). She was very friendly to approach throughout the monthly check-ups. Just like a mentor she will examine you thoroughly and when required she used to warn mainly not to get overweight by eating junk foods. She insists on to follow a strict diet which I believe helps for a normal delivery. She prescribed the required exercise to stay fit as well. To put it simple she will take you to your comfort level and guide you through out these 9 months. With God’s grace and with her guidance I delivered a healthy baby through Normal delivery.”
- Sushritha Mishra
“I remember the first day I met her. She welcomed me with her beautiful smile and told me, darling we are aiming for a Natural Delivery. She explained me Do's and Dont's during pregnancy and gave me advise on our every visit. I never knew that she is a famous Doctor until my wats app group friends told me .She has worked for 96 hours During the chennai Flood time and was awarded by Vijay Tv but she never showed off that she is such a famous Doctor.Very Down to earth personality. I was totally impressed with her Dedication towards her profession.Even during vardha cyclone she stayed in hospital for 3 days to support her patience.”
- Priya Arun
“It was a luck/Gods grace/happy feeling that we had a chance to meet the Dr. Padmapriya. She took care of my wife very well, she was kind enough during all the visits that we had. We had to admit my wife on an emergency situation which was informed to her when she was at her home, she left all her personal work and rushed to the hospital just for our sake, she even met with a minor accident but still rushed to hospital and finally saved our child like a super hero. That responsibility and importance to all the patience is what makes her a valuable person. We even named our child as Padmapriya. Thank you doctor for the care that you shown to us and to the baby during and after pregnancy.”
- Sundeep
“Thanks to dr Padmapriya that I have twins today and had a safe delivery. I went to her on 2015 with no hope of having a baby . I went to several doctors but in vain. But she gave me confidence that I will conceive and we tried several months. She won't give unnecessary investigations. She treated me well and I conceived with twins . My pregnancy was very rough but I was confident that she was with me. Every visit she would spent a lot of time with me. She would laugh and joke. Finally I broke my waters preterm but because of her my babies are safe. Thank u doctor Padmapriya.”
- Deeyu
“An awesome doctor. She is caring, friendly and supremely confident. She pushes very hard for normal delivery, a rare thing in today's medical field. I had a small scare during the 37th week when my AFI was down to 8. She immediately put me on IVs and asked me to take Largine powder. My AFI came up to around 11 and we pushed through for another 2.5 weeks! You can blindly chose her as your OB/GYN, you will never ever regret! “
- Nand ARV
“We met Dr Padmapriya after we had a disappointing experience with another doctor after which we were worried. Dr. Padmapriya in the first meeting instilled a lot of positivity in us. She insisted that we should try for normal delivery and asked us to follow her advice with routine. She would always welcome us patients with a smile and create a personal rapport. No wonder why there is always a long queue at her clinic. She stays there till late night as per her patients need. During this year cyclone (cyclone Vardah) too she was available at the hospital almost round the clock to make sure she is personally available for all deliveries. Her passion and dedication to the work is hard to find in today's world which creates a lot of trust in her. Finally we had a normal delivery and all thanks to Dr Padmapriya for making it an easy experience for us.”
- Toshi Srivastava
“Dr.Padmapriya Vivek is a gem of a person,being an IVF patient I was so worried about the entire pregnancy period and delivery as for an IVF case they generally prefer C-section ,but she waited nearly 22hours and pushed me for normal delivery.I myself wanted to go for C-section as I couldn't bear the pain but she dint agree for it,she said when it can happen normally why should we go for C-section,throughout my pregnancy she was of great support.I had lot of other pregnancy complications too but everything went hazel free because of her.Post delivery care was also really good for both me and for the baby.I will recommend all IVF patients to trust her blindly for her care during the motherhood.I will definitely deliver my next child too in the same hospital and with the same doctor.”
- Divya
“Initially we were not sure who is the best gynecologist in Chennai, hence we were planning the delivery in our native place. But fortunately one of the colleague of my husband referred Dr. Padmapriya and he shared his experience with us. Based on the feedback got from him, we choose to go to her. In our first visit itself we could observe her caring, humanity & passion towards the profession and we got a sense that she will strive for normal delivery. She has many patients waiting outside her consultation room, however she addressed all the concerns of us without rushing for the next patient. Also her consultation room is full of photographs/gifts presented by satisfied patients.As everyone knows, she works for Apollo Cradle, when we are going to her for consultation, everyone warned us saying that the big hospitals don’t wait for normal delivery and the probability is high for cesarean (C-section) if we go there. However our belief on her was not gone wrong, she did normal delivery and I gave birth to baby boy on 1st December. My husband and all family members had endless happiness! She has given plenty of instructions which help for normal delivery. Thank You Dr.Padmapriya for all your support during my pregnancy.”
- Hanusha
“I can’t express in words how thankful I am to Dr. Padmapriya for helping me deliver my baby girl. She tries to push you to deliver naturally till the last minute and never gives up easily which is a very rare scenario in today’s world. In my case I also had borderline diabetes and she directed me to the right diabetologist and monitored my weights strictly. She was constantly encouraging during all checkups that I will definitely have normal delivery. During my last phase of labor, I myself wanted to go for C-section as I couldn't bear the pain but she dint agree to it, she encouraged me saying I was almost there and the baby’s head is visible. She kept saying when I can deliver naturally why should I go for C section. Also my baby had passed motion and the baby’s heart beat was fluctuating. She closely monitored the heart beat and was never convinced to go for a c section. Had it been any other doctor, they would have immediately operated me. But she along with her team kept motivating me till the last minute though I was begging for a C section. And finally she did it. I delivered my baby girl normally after all the struggle. She is very confident in her work and knows what is best for the patient.” “Just go by her instructions and I am sure you will have a very smooth delivery.”
- Anugrahavashini
“We are blessed with a cute prince baby boy filled with joy and happiness on 19th august.We wanted to thank Dr.Padmapriya mam Apollo cradle hospital for the incredible care that she gave during my labor and delivery on august 19th 2016.It was an wonderful moment and could never forget in my life. I strongly recommend PPV mam as she will only insist on normal delivery. She will guide u strongly in diet and weight gain. Because of her , now am happy with my little prince. Thank you so much for safely bringing our baby prince into the world. We are so appreciative of the care doc gave me . The entire experience was positive and we all felt very safe in her care. We are forever grateful! Thank you! We are loving being parents. Almost all are success stories behind the cases she attended. I can say that "Dr.Padmapriya mam” she is simply great in normal deliveries. So follow everything what mam says, you are sure to have normal delivery. you are in safest hands nothing to worry further :)”
- Diviya Darshan
“My wife earlier had miscarriage, we ware doubtfull about normal delivery despite the fact that baby had umbilical cord arround the neck. But doctor took us in confidance and we followed her recomendation...and every thing went well.Thank you Dr. Padma Priya and Team @Global Hospital”
- Samir

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