High risk pregnancy, why you need expert hands

Expecting a baby is a mixed feeling which makes you feel excited, adventurous, lovable and tensed too. You may have many queries, concerns and chaos, regarding the journey of the motherhood. To make you relaxed and unworried, our experts are here to counsel you prenatally. They will make sure your journey throughout the pregnancy is a happy, memorable and a healthy one.

Prenatal counseling

Being pregnant, you always aspire to deliver a healthy baby. Most of the times the pregnancies and deliveries are safe and normal, unfortunately, 2 to 3 percent of newborns suffer congenital anomalies, i.e. a defect or genetic defect from the birth. In such instances, prenatal counseling can help you anticipate about your baby’s risk for having born with any genetic disorder. This will help you make the appropriate decisions regarding the available testing procedures.

How is prenatal genetic counseling useful?

Prenatal genetic counseling is helpful to those couple who are significantly at an increased risk of having a baby with a genetic defect. For them prenatal counseling helps in understanding the actual nature of the condition, the inheritance and the absolute chances of occurrence or recurrence. A prenatal counseling helps the couple in deciding on various screening and testing methods in the pregnancy.

When do I need a prenatal genetic counseling?

A prenatal genetic counseling is recommended:

  • If you are a woman who is pregnant in old age (35 years or more).
  • If your previous child or any other family members is suffering a genetic defect.
  • If you and your partner are carriers of abnormal chromosome that can provoke a genetic defect in thechild.
  • If your results reveals any abnormal values during a pregnancy screening test.
  • If your fetus shows up any abnormal conditions during a ultrasound procedure.
  • If you had a fertility concern which is of unknown cause.

If you or your fetus is diagnosed to have any abnormal values you can make decisions and treatment strategies that would eliminate the last minute rush.

What kinds of tests are offered in a prenatal genetic counseling?

Screening to know if you are a carrier:This test is performed before or during your pregnancy which reveals if you or your partner carries any mutated genes that will be inherited to the baby, which may cause conditions such as cystic fibrosis or sickle cell disease.
Screening tests to estimate the risk:These tests help in determining your risk of carrying a baby with genetic anomaly or chromosomal defects such as neural tube defects, Down’s syndrome, or any cardiac defects.
Tests for diagnosing the conditions:These diagnostic tests such as chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis, noninvasive prenatal tests, and chromosomal microarray can give perfect results that tells you whether your baby will have any serious genetic or chromosomal conditions or not.

Prenatal Counseling

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