High risk pregnancy, why you need expert hands

Pregnancy is the most wonderful phase of any women’s life. But sometimes, pregnancy may be of high-risk, it seems to be scary to sound, but this categorization of pregnancy by the experts is just to give a special care while any complications are suspected for the mother or the fetus. So, not to worry as the expert hands are always there to care you and your little one.


How is expert care worthwhile for a high risk pregnancy?

Your doctor will give you more medical attention than a woman with no risk pregnancy. You will be asked to come for more follow-up visits and undergo more diagnostic tests. A frequent ultrasound is carried out to ensure the well being of the fetus. Regular blood pressure monitoring and urine analysis is performed.

When is my pregnancy considered as a-High risk one?

Your pregnancy can be a high risk one if there is any increased risk of health crisis for you and your baby. To detect the problems and manage them in advance your healthcare expert would be more watchful than when your pregnancy is at no risk.

Some of the expert services provided for a high risk pregnancy includes:

  • Management of high risk pregnancies
  • Organizing genetic and prenatal counseling sessions
  • Providing advanced imaging technologies such as fetal brain imaging
  • Preparing a well planned treatment plans to prevent complications in high-risk babies

What could be the management for a high risk pregnancy?

It is quiet overwhelming to learn that your baby may suffer a medical condition. However, our expert team is here to provide the utmost care and services for you and your baby during your pregnancy. Expert hands are always helpful in giving the special care and attention for a high risk pregnancy in the following ways:

  • Use of advanced imaging techniques for diagnosing the medical abnormalities in the unborn babies, detailed image study of the fetus is obtained for accurate diagnosis and planning the appropriate treatment strategies
  • Treatment for the fetus during the pregnancy, and ensuring the positive long-term outcomes for the unborn, creating a personalized care plan before and after the delivery and the newborn period
  • Patient education on high-risk deliveries and postnatal care, as a course of prenatal service, the expert team prepares you for the next steps of the pregnancy, by supporting and minimizing the stress in the mother and the family members.

Which conditions put my pregnancy at risk?

Certain health conditions may increase your risk of preterm labor, preeclampsia and placental problems during delivery. But not always, there will be a problem for you and your baby if it is declared that your pregnancy is at high risk, however, the following health issues would be the cause of concern.

To observe your cervical position

Your cervix changes its position when you are fertile. It does not remain in the same position throughout the day. Therefore, it is best to check the cervix in the same time each day. When you are not fertile, you would feel the cervix low and hard. If you are fertile, your cervix is (SHOW) soft, high, open, and wet.

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