Gynecologist in Velachery

These days’ women face many difficulties in getting pregnant and there are so many reasons for it including lifestyle habits. If the right treatment is not done at the right time it may lead to further complications. Couples consult various doctors and they don’t feel the good progress and finding the right doctor is the major concern.

Experience and Specialization

Dr.Padma Priya Vivek has got 16+ years of experience in Gynecology, Obstetrics, Fertility Services and Menopause. She is one of the Best Gynecologist in Velachery,Chennai, Tamil Naidu. Dr. Padma is giving the best services for the women not only in Chennai but all over India. Vaginal Rejuvenation, Dilation, and Curettage, Women’s Health, Fertility Treatment and Woman Health check are her areas of specialization.
Every patient visiting her receives the complete attention that is desirable. An Expert in the field of prenatal counseling and infertility, currently offering services to the best gynecology hospital in Velachery. Her current emphasis is on normal delivery. One of her biggest achievement is that she has performed more than 10,000 deliveries with 90% normal delivery rate

The Journey of Motherhood

At every stage of pregnancy, women need proper guidance and care. Reaching out to the right place during the pregnancy for the treatment makes the entire process much easier. Motherhood is a beautiful experience and with the experts like Dr. Padma Priya, it will become memorable. Consulting with her means you and your baby is in safe hands.

Journey of This Gynecologist

She has so many success stories; one of the best is during the Chennai floods. Working for more than 90 hours and successfully performing 17 deliveries she proved shows her compassion towards her patients. She is a truly a gem in the medical profession. Her patients are extremely satisfied with her treatment, services and the kind of support she offers is commendable. Overall it is a pleasant experience to consult her.

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