Benefits of fertility charting

Helps in understanding if you are ovulating timely or would need any medical attention.
Helps you to understand the length of the fertile phase that helps you know how often and at when to have the intercourse.
Offers clues about fertility by making you understand the post-ovulatory phase.
Helps in planning and predicting the cycles; each cycle charted will provide you an understanding of your fertile days.
Helps you to make the best use of ovulation predictor kits.
The data you provide to your fertility doctor in the form of fertility charting would help your doctor to offer you the best possible care.
Your fertility chart gives you the clues that can tell you that you may conceive. It helps you know early if conception has occurred.
Fertility charting helps you give yourself about the due date of delivery.
Helps you to know when you can actually perform the pregnancy test, because there may be chances that you have late periods.
Proactively knowing your fertility signs help you learn how the signs are related to your fertility.

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If you are planning to conceive the best time is during your “Fertile window”. These are the days that begin 5 days prior to ovulation and last until the day of ovulation. So know your fertile window! By charting your fertility, lets you know when you are ovulating.

Does this really work out?

In the whole menstrual cycle, there are only a few days that are apt for getting pregnant. Charting those fertile signs help you find those precious days.
So, consider charting your fertility as vital and it will always be a gain, and there is nothing to lose doing it.
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